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Your overseas shipping company for international moving of household goods, furniture and appliances.

Relocating your business or your household abroad can be a risky move. There are always dangers associated with the damage to furniture and other fragile goods. While relocating, selection for relocation services may seem like a suitable choice, but once you hear the shipping/moving costs, you will be forced to think otherwise!

Accord Overseas is a freight forwarder that has been providing reliable overseas relocation services at the most economical rates, unlike other expensive movers. To top it all off, we have hired such capable individuals who are proficient in overseas relocation services and can handle the delicate goods with care.

Overseas relocation is never easy. Turn this experience into a memorable one with Accord Overseas, Hire now!

Opting for a freight forwarder especially Accord Overseas for overseas relocation services is a safe move that will ensure the sound delivery of your shipment. When it comes to overseas relocation, there is always a danger of damage to fragile content such as TV sets, fine china, and expensive household items. Our overseas relocation services are provided by individuals who are well-versed in the loading and transportation of fragile valuables within containers so that they may arrive at the destination in one piece.

Nobody understands international customs and regulation on overseas relocation services better than us. So fill the form now and receive free pricing details!

To provide overseas relocation services in an efficient manner, we have numerous containers and vessels at our disposal. Our experienced individuals will file for all the required documentation, marine insurance and fill all the US Customs paperwork. Furthermore, our shipping isn't just limited to overseas relocation services but also incorporates shipping of heavy machinery, vehicles, and other freights.

Opt for our overseas relocation services because you only need to book our services while our expert personnel will deal with your shipment, fill all the paperwork and ensure that your shipment is compliant with rules and regulations of international ports.

Choose for Accord Overseas if you don't want your items to be damaged because we’ll ensure that they safely reach the destination!

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