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Tel (in USA): 562-205-8250

  • Our Company was established in 2002 in Los Angeles, CA
  • We act as a Freight Forwarder for your vehicles, personal goods and commercial cargo
  • We don't strive to be everything to everybody. We learn about your needs to provide a tailored shipping solution
  • We provide shipping and moving services from USA to countries worldwide
  • Our specialty is in moving automobiles, boats, motorhomes, travel trailers, trucks, buses, constructions equipment and agriculture machinery
  • We service all areas around the world: Europe, Africa, Mediterranean, Middle East, Asia, Oceania (Australia, New Zealand & Pacific Islands), Central and South America, Caribbean.
  • We can handle all export paperwork and US Customs clearing procedures for any kind of vehicle, personal and commercial cargo.
  • We understand that customers are looking for the best prices with reliable customer service.
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